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Historically, Stationary requirements were based on the formality of your Wedding.  Today, that really doesn’t hold true.  Your stationary requirements can include many different elements, but, many of them are NOT necessities and can be used when the Bride and Groom WANT to include them.
The following is a list of different elements of a Stationary Ensemble and their uses.  Again, many of these need only be included if you want to include them.

· Invitation- Okay, this is one element that IS a necessity.  This is to let your guest know that there is an upcoming Wedding!

· Reception Card- This element can be put on the Invitation.  If your reception will occur at the same location as the Wedding Ceremony, wording is usually included on the Invitation, but it does not have to be on the Invitation and can have a separate card.

· Response Card- This is an element that, for the most part, must be included in your Stationary Ensemble. Invitations for non-traditional Weddings occasionally include this information on the Invitation.  That is not my preferred method.

· Map/Direction Insert – If you have guests coming from out of town, this is a courtesy for your guests.  Often, the back of this insert will include information about a local hotel that might be holding a block of rooms for your guests.

· Pew Cards/Within the Ribbon – These cards inform guests about a special seating arrangement that is occurring at the Wedding Ceremony.  If there are special circumstances that exist or, if there is a possibility that you might have space constraints, you will want to make sure that special guests have a place to sit.  Then, a ribbon is placed
on both ends of these pews.  Tip: Make sure that your Ushers are aware of this!

· At-Home Cards – If you will be moving to a new location shortly before/after your wedding, this is used to notify people of your new address.  Tip:  If you decide to use this element, you could also make them using postcards.

· Place Cards – These are used to notify your guests where they will be seated at the Reception.  These are NOT included in your Invitation envelope, they are placed outside of the reception area where guests can obtain them before they go in.  There are two schools of though on the use of Place Cards.  One opinion is that Place Cards are not necessary.   Your guests can find their own seat next to someone that they might know, Place Cards might be to restrictive.  Another opinion is that you want special family members to sit at a specified location.  Also, you might have someone coming that doesn’t know anyone else at your Reception.  In that case, you will want to ensure that they are included with another group of guests and that they are not sitting at a table alone.

· Engagement Notices – These are used to let people know that you and your Fiancé are taking the leap!  Often, these are used to notify guests that are out of town that there will be a Wedding coming up, so that they can plan accordingly for travel arrangements.

· Thank You Notes – These notes are a necessity.  They are used to thank your guests for their gift(s) and for attending on your Special Day.  More recently, this part of the Stationary Ensemble is dropping by the wayside – this is unacceptable!  Proper Etiquette requires that you send these to your guests.

Tip: Cut down on costs by obtaining plan Thank You Cards at a local craft store.

· Save The Dates – This is also a way to let your guests know what is coming, to allow them to make tentative plans to attend.  Tip: If you send an Engagement Notice, consider NOT using a Save The Date Card.  Your guests will tire of receiving notices about your upcoming nuptials.  Also, the postage can be costly!

· Rehearsal Dinner – This is used to let people know that they are invited to the Rehearsal Dinner.

· Announcement – Often, these are used to notify people after the Ceremony and Reception has taken place.  These are used for individuals that you could not/ did not invite, due to various reasons, such as, having a small ceremony or having a Destination Wedding.

· Other Wedding Stationary – Included in this group are items that might be printed by your stationer, and might be offered at a discount if you use them for your other Stationary needs.

– Wedding Programs – This can be used as a "favor".  This is to let your guests know what will be happening during your ceremony and who will be involved/included.
– Printed Napkins/Matches – These can be used as a "favor".
– Bridal Shower Invitations
– Bridesmaid Brunch Invitation
– Gift Tags – To attach to your "favor" for your guests.
– Menu Card – This can also be used as a "favor".  This is used to let your guests know what
will be served, especially if there is a choice that will be offered to them.  These are placed
at their seat at the Reception.
– Welcome Itinerary – If you have guest coming from out of town and your have special
weekend plans for them, are having a "Weekend Wedding", or want to make your guests
aware of local attractions, a Welcome Itinerary is a courtesy to your guests.

I hope that this helps you to make some decisions about your Stationary Ensemble and your
needs.  Please contact me with any questions at




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This is easy, right?  Roses are red.  But what about if you want to add other colors?????  Well, here’s some ideas as well as some visuals to give you some inspiration….







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So, you know that you want Red as your main color, but what accent color should you have? Do you want an accent color? Find a picture of the color(s) that you want. Download it to your computer. Then, go to Big Huge Labs and upload your picture. Bam! Out pops the colors and hues that are in your picture! It gives your names as well as the number for your color.

Take a look!




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Okay.  I love purple.  My first wedding was purple.  However, I’m sorry to say that the Bridesmaid dresses that I chose did NOT complement the Bridesmaids.  Sorry guys.  I’ve gotten much more Wedding Savvy. 


So.  Let’s look at some stuff!  Cakes~


Inspiration From: Martha Stewart Wedding



Inspiration From: Martha Stewart Weddings; Brides; Project Wedding


BridesmaidDress-AlfredAngelo  BridesmaidDresses-ProjectWedding



Centerpiece Centerpiece2-Brides Centerpiece3-MarthaStewart Centerpiece4-MarthaStewart TableSetting-Brides Decor-Brides Centerpiece5-ProjectWedding


FavorBox-Brides   GiftBox2-WeddingThings GiftBoxes-WeddingThings FavorBoxes-Brides


Invitation2-Brides Invitation3-LelaNewYork Invitation4-ProjectWedding Invitation5-CardsdeLuxe Invitation-Brides


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