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More DIY….


1.  Use DIY Bouquets and Boutonnières.

2.  Did you know that anyone can become an Officiant?  They can do so online.  Ask a favorite family member to do the honors.

3.  Have your guests RSVP online at your free Website, or via phone (to save on the postage).

4.  Have a reception luncheon or brunch.  Purchase the food from a local catering place.

5.  Do have a Wedding Cake, but make it a smaller one.  Order a sheet cake to complement the servings.  Also, use a Buttercream icing instead of Fondant.  Or have a “fake cake”.  Yes, you can do that.  What’s the harm?  People will still have their cake.

6. Have your hair and make-up done by a Beauty School student.

7.  Believe it or not, we have a Goodwill store by us and there are plenty of Wedding Dresses and a fraction of the cost!

8.  Use favors as seating or place cards.

9.  Buy the alcohol yourself.  Hire someone to tend the beverages. Or have just beer and wine instead of liquor.

10.  Have a dessert buffet with Cookies, Cupcakes, etc.

11.  Beg, Borrow, Steal (okay…..just kidding).

12.  Use a one-stop Venue.  This is a very thrifty choice!

13.  Make your own invitations.  You wouldn’t believe how simple it can be!  Also, many stores now carry “Make Your Own” Invitation lines, such as Martha Stewart.  Also, do an RSVP postcard, it will save on the postage.

14.  Hire a “new” vendor, such as a Photographer or Videographer who is just starting out.  Check with local colleges.


Hope some of these tips can help you as you plan the day of your life!


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No matter what the budget, you can still have a beautiful Wedding that you and your gusts will remember for years to come.  Some of these cost-saving ideas are easy and some will require a bit more time.  Some can be done by yourself, and some will require the help of family and friends.  I hope that you find something in this list that will be useful to you.

1.  Hire a Seamstress/Free Seamstress.  If you purchase the pattern and the material, you can hire a Seamstress to make you/your bridesmaids beautiful dresses for a fraction of the cost.  Better yet, does anyone in your family sew?  But!  Make sure that it’s someone you trust to do the best job possible.

2.  Borrow it, Rent it, Buy Discount.  Rent a dress or buy it through a consignment shop.  You can also borrow a dress and have it altered.  Tip: Try for free wedding items, cheap wedding items and some even willing to trade FOR wedding items!

3.  Cut and arrange your own flowers.  This takes a great deal of planning.  You will definitely need help.

4.  Have family and friends decorate on the Wedding Day.  Again, you will need help and some pre-planning is involved.  You can rent centerpieces from a Party Supply company.  Petals and/or dried flowers can make a great addition.  Tip: Try Oriental Trading Company. 

5.  Rent decorations, large palms, ferns, topiaries and flowers for the ceremony.

6.  Use Ceremony flowers at the reception.  Delegate to friends and family.

7.  Use silk or dried flowers.  This can get very costly if you are looking for a lot of flowers or big bouquets.

8.  Have attendants carry a single flower with a trailing ribbon.

9.  Make fruit or vegetable centerpieces intertwined with fresh greens.

10.  Use garlands of fresh greenery tied with colorful ribbons.

11.  Use inexpensive fillers such as sprays of greenery or Baby’s Breath to plump up your flower arrangements.  Better yet, grow our own!

12.  Have your wedding around a holiday.  Then you can use decorations from the church or venue that you are using.  Include the holiday colors as your own.

13.  Check out local free venues, if not free, perhaps a small fee.  You can use natural decorations or venue decorations.  Check out historic homes or sites, Museums, Aquariums, City or State Parks, Botanical Gardens or Greenhouses, Town Halls, Libraries, Vineyards or Riverboats.

Good luck!


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Wedding favors.  Did you know that you could buy kits?  I didn’t!  Found these at Wilton’s Web Site….


Bottle Opener SuitcaseFavor

Or from American Bridal….

ColorBox Jar


Or these from My Wedding Favors….

GelCandle SilverPlacecard OliveGlass glassgrapeplacecardholder-M


Or from Charming Weddings….Candybar Covers, Fortune Cookies and Spice Containers!

CandybarCover wedfortune_cookies_med cheese-shaker_med


Or from Wonderful Wedding Favors….

love_grows_daisy_shaped_wildflower_planter_wedding_favor love_is_blooming_wildflower_seeds_wedding_favor


Or from Wedding Things….

matchstickgarden SeedFavor SeededHearts

Or from Beau-Coup…..

bloemboxflowerseeds hot_sauce_200 personalized_wedding_lifesavers200 personalized_sugar_cookie_mix_2nd200 oil_three200 mini_bamboo_favors200


Or these from all over the place! (Lots from Project Wedding!)

Buckets CandyWrappers OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         tictac1-lg Smores personalized_sugar_cookie_mix_2nd200 donuts2



I’m hungry right now, so the Krispy Kremes would do it for me…..





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Okay.  I love purple.  My first wedding was purple.  However, I’m sorry to say that the Bridesmaid dresses that I chose did NOT complement the Bridesmaids.  Sorry guys.  I’ve gotten much more Wedding Savvy. 


So.  Let’s look at some stuff!  Cakes~


Inspiration From: Martha Stewart Wedding



Inspiration From: Martha Stewart Weddings; Brides; Project Wedding


BridesmaidDress-AlfredAngelo  BridesmaidDresses-ProjectWedding



Centerpiece Centerpiece2-Brides Centerpiece3-MarthaStewart Centerpiece4-MarthaStewart TableSetting-Brides Decor-Brides Centerpiece5-ProjectWedding


FavorBox-Brides   GiftBox2-WeddingThings GiftBoxes-WeddingThings FavorBoxes-Brides


Invitation2-Brides Invitation3-LelaNewYork Invitation4-ProjectWedding Invitation5-CardsdeLuxe Invitation-Brides


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