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This idea is all over the web.  However, your battle with the box can be quite difficult.  They are definitely beautiful!  They can also be very costly, depending on “how” you do-up the beautiful box.

Here are some beautiful Wedding Invitation Box concepts.



Here is one woman’s battle with the box. Invitation Invasion.  They are beautiful.  I’ll give you that.  They can be VERY expensive.  Some of the sites that I checked out were satin boxes.  =$$$$$.  Just like the Bride above can DIY.  So can you!  Work?  Yes!

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If you decide to go DIY.  Check out some of the links that were provided in the article.  And….if you have any other great links to share, please do!




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Here are some ideas for Wedding Venues that are a little different than the traditional locations.  Some are very unique and some are more budget-friendly than others.  Enjoy!

Have your Wedding at a State or City Park.  Out in the open or under the trees.  The Bride and Groom, as well as the guests, will have a beautiful, natural setting.  Very little decorating is needed. Take a look at The Conservatory or The Lalumondiere Mill.

The Conservatory

The Conservatory

the Lalumondiere Mill & Rivergardens

The Lalumondiere Mill

How about a Barn?  Yes.  A Barn.  Picture it: lights, rustic, romance.  You could even go with having the Ceremony outside, by a spring, pond or meadow.  Then everyone can move into the barn for the Reception.  Or.  have “historical” and “barn”.  Take a look at Historical Hawken House Barn.  They have some good reviews at Project Wedding.

The Hawken House

Have your Ceremony and/or Reception at a local Theatre.  I’m talking where plays, musicals and operas occur.  What beautiful decor! Try The Fox Theatre or The Sheldon Concert Hall.

The Sheldon Concert Hall


Fox Lobby

The Fabulous Fox

How about a Museum?  Or an Art Gallery?  Many Museums have various areas that can be used for events like a Wedding.  Have your Ceremony in one area and your Reception in another.  Or, just have your Ceremony here and head to a Riverboat or Barge for your Reception. Take a look at The Randall Gallery.  Again, great reviews at Project Wedding.


What more could you ask for in a beautiful setting.  Have your Ceremony and/or Reception at a Vineyard.  In the Washington, Missouri area, you have Vineyards that advertise romantic settings, such as these, specifically for your Wedding. Here’s a link: Riverbend Chapel.

Riverbend Chapel at Caroline’s Vinyard

How about having your special day at a Botanical Garden?  Talk about decor’!  And you couldn’t get much more natural than this!  Here is a link to Missouri Botanical Garden. Missouri Botanical Garden.

monsanto_sq blanke_sq

Missouri Botanical Gardens



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Here are some great ideas for Wedding Favors for your guests!  Some are a little less expensive than others….some can be DIY and some have to be bought.  If you like one of them, use your imagination to make it work for you!



Serve your own Brew!  Or serve your own wine!  You can buy these or you can make them.  You can do this with decorative labels!  These can also serve double-duty as a Seating Card. Try




If you’re having a dessert bar, how about serving up some extra take-home love with these Smores Gifts?   Mmmmm….chocolate.




Scrabble Magnets.  There is a complete “how-to-do” posted at Project Wedding:




Fortune Cookies.  This can work even if you don’t have a Asian Theme for your Wedding.  Try personalized Fortune Cookies too! or




Bamboo Wedding Favors.  This can be a DIY project.  You can buy the Bamboo and compile them, or, buy them 100% complete.  Check out or or


Personalized "Love Blossoms" Wedding Favor Card w/Two Seeded Paper Blossoms - Set of 12"Flowers in Bloom" Seed Packets with Flower Pot Card


Plantable Wedding Favors.  Go green with plantable seeds!  Try or .


Galvanized Bucket Favors


Give a plant!  Maybe a signature flower that is part of your Wedding Theme or Ceremony.  This can be a DIY project, also.  Or, try




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Some people can find the Wedding Dress of their dreams by just walking into a store, others have to scour dozens of stores and trying on 100’s of dress.  With a little bit of help you can know just the right dress for your body shape, as well as knowing just which style you want!

In order for you to find the perfect Wedding Dress, you need to know the lingo.  There are 4 different areas of focus.  The neckline, the sleeves, the bodice and the shape.  Let’s look at each separately.

The neckline. An Asymmetrical neckline is meant to showcase your shoulders, the Off-the-Shoulder neckline is meant to showcase your shoulders and your collarbone (the neckline sits a little lower and flatters almost all figures.). 


A Portrait neckline will cover your shoulders but show off your neck and collarbone.  It has a wide, soft scoop from the tip of one shoulder to the tip of the other. 


A Bateau/Sabrina and a Jewel neckline both enhance a smaller bosom, but the Bateau/Sabrina has a straight neckline and a Jewel sits high and round at the base of the throat.


A Scoop neckline is U-Shaped and flatters almost all body types. For a sexier look, it can be cut low. A V-Neck dips, creating a V-shape.  It de-accentuates the bosom and is great for women with a smaller bosom. 



With a Sweetheart neckline, the bust line is shaped like a heart and accentuates the brides cleavage.  This neckline is usually strapless and is perfect for women with a fuller bosom. 


A Halter neckline has straps that wrap or tie behind the neck and a Strapless is usually straight across (or with a slight curve).




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Alright, so let’s talk daytime weddings.  There are just a few tidbits of information that might be different from a late afternoon/early evening wedding.  These suggestions are just that, suggestions.  Things are changing in the “wedding world” and a lot of things are a “go” that wouldn’t have been a “go” just 10 years ago.  Just think about what you would think was acceptable, if you were watching from afar.  Would you find it "etiquettely” acceptable to see a cathedral train at an informal daytime wedding?


First, the Bride (after all, she’s most important!  JK!).  What you will wear should depend on the formality of your Wedding.  If you are having a large Wedding, very formal (200+ guests), you can wear a dress with a long train OR a short train.  Both are appropriate for daytime weddings.  The veil should complement the dress and long sleeves or gloves can be worn.  If you would say that your wedding is not top of the notch formal, and just formal (100+ guests), you can wear a long dress with a chapel or sweep train. Again, the veil should complement the dress and sleeves or gloves can be worn.  The difference here is that an elaborate, short dress worn with a bridal headpiece and short veil is also acceptable.  For a semi-formal daytime wedding (<100 guests, often held at home), a street-length dress, white or pastel color and a short veil, can be worn with a small bouquet. For an informal daytime wedding, consider a suit or street dress. Hat, gloves, shoes, and bag are acceptable along with a nosegay or flowers to wear.


Formal Wedding Dress






Next, the Bridesmaids.  For a very formal daytime wedding, usually you will have four to twelve Bridesmaids. Long dresses can be worn as well as gloves to complement the sleeve length. Any style bouquet, shoes to match or harmonize.  Dresses are often less elaborate. For a formal daytime wedding, you will usually have two to six bridesmaids. Dresses should either be long or street length, but not too elaborate. Include matching or harmonizing accessories, including bouquet. For a semi-formal daytime wedding, seldom will you have more than one bridesmaid, plus an honor attendant. Dresses can be street length, but less elaborate with small bouquets. For an informal daytime wedding, you will usually have a maid of honor only. A dress or suit similar to bride’s is acceptable with flowers to wear.






The Groom and Attendants. For a very formal daytime wedding, traditionally, they will wear a Cutaway coat, gray striped trousers, gray waistcoat, wing-collared shirt, ascot or striped tie. (Optional: Top hat, spats, gray gloves.) For a more contemporary look, Contoured long or short jacket, wing collared shirt. For a formal daytime wedding, traditionally, they will wear a Gray stroller, waistcoat, striped trousers, shirt, striped tie.  For a more contemporary look, a formal suit in white or light colors for summer, darker shades for fall, dress shirt, bow tie, vest or cummerbund. Groomsmen coordinate with similar ensembles. For a semi-formal wedding AND an informal wedding, a more traditional look would be a favorite suit, white, colored or striped shirt, four-in-hand tie. For a more contemporary look, a dinner jacket or formal suit, dress shirt, bow tie, vest, or cummerbund.










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This topic is quickly making it’s way around Wedding DIY sites.  However, this isn’t a new discussion.  Typically, the best thing about a finger food reception is the cost.  Your food budget can almost be cut in half!  You can include quite a few different choices and even create an ethnic or themed finger food reception.


There are a couple of tidbits of information that we should discuss.  First of all, remember that, typically, Wedding Reception have a full meal.  You will want to make sure that your guests are aware that you will be having hors d’oeuvres, so that they aren’t expecting a meal.  Also, the time of the day that you have the reception will be an indication to your guests.


So, on with the pictures! Let’s take a look at the board below.  These Brides and Grooms chose to go with Fruits, Cheeses, Crackers, Breads and Veggies.  Choose any, or all.  The decorations and presentation for the food tables can add greatly to the decor of the Reception. I love the presentation of the Cheese Tray that also includes tags telling the name of the cheese.


Finger Food


Let’s take a look at the following pictures.  Here you have traditional and not-so-traditional foods.  Bruschetta, Pinwheels, Cordon Bleu, Dumplings, Shrimp Cocktail, Salmon and Skewers.  Use your imagination for what to include INSIDE them.

Finger Food2


Sandwiches or Tea Sandwiches.  The term “sandwich” can be used lightly.  Use crackers, and all kinds of toppings can be used.  Look up Tea Sandwich Recipes on the internet and you’ll find gobs!

Finger Food3


A couple of tidbits to remember when you are doing a food bar.  Remember ALL of your guests.  Different tastes and different preferences.  Just be sure to have a good selection.  As to have it catered or not?  That just depends on your budget.  You can have it fully catered, partially catered (+plus you and your family) or not catered at all and do the creating yourself.


Have fun!



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More DIY….


1.  Use DIY Bouquets and Boutonnières.

2.  Did you know that anyone can become an Officiant?  They can do so online.  Ask a favorite family member to do the honors.

3.  Have your guests RSVP online at your free Website, or via phone (to save on the postage).

4.  Have a reception luncheon or brunch.  Purchase the food from a local catering place.

5.  Do have a Wedding Cake, but make it a smaller one.  Order a sheet cake to complement the servings.  Also, use a Buttercream icing instead of Fondant.  Or have a “fake cake”.  Yes, you can do that.  What’s the harm?  People will still have their cake.

6. Have your hair and make-up done by a Beauty School student.

7.  Believe it or not, we have a Goodwill store by us and there are plenty of Wedding Dresses and a fraction of the cost!

8.  Use favors as seating or place cards.

9.  Buy the alcohol yourself.  Hire someone to tend the beverages. Or have just beer and wine instead of liquor.

10.  Have a dessert buffet with Cookies, Cupcakes, etc.

11.  Beg, Borrow, Steal (okay…..just kidding).

12.  Use a one-stop Venue.  This is a very thrifty choice!

13.  Make your own invitations.  You wouldn’t believe how simple it can be!  Also, many stores now carry “Make Your Own” Invitation lines, such as Martha Stewart.  Also, do an RSVP postcard, it will save on the postage.

14.  Hire a “new” vendor, such as a Photographer or Videographer who is just starting out.  Check with local colleges.


Hope some of these tips can help you as you plan the day of your life!