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There are lots of ways to trim your budget.  Let’s talk about Invitations.  Let’s face it, Invitations can be a big drain on your budget.  There are ways to get around this.  This first and most obvious is DIY, baby!  But let’s talk about ways you can trim USING DIY!

Save-the-Dates.  This is quite a simple way to DIY.  Most craft stores (and some department stores) have Save-the-Date’s in a kit.  As with other elements of DIY invitations, use a Postcard as your Save-the-Date.  A tip: USPS has postal rules for Postcards, too. Vista Print can make you Save-the-Date postcards any way you want them!

Postcard blue_pink_5_Postcard


Inserts?  Who needs those?  You don’t!  Most of the information can be provided using your Wedding Website, including directions, local hotels, etc.  This way you can save on postage (weight = $) and save some trees! Forget the Ceremony Programs and Menu Cards.  Again, keep your guests in the know with your Free Wedding Website!  You can let everyone know who your attendants are, and exactly how your Wedding Program will occur.  Or, DIY!

When you decide to go DIY, you will definitely need some tools.  Don’t scrimp on the paper, you don’t want to run out.  But DO test out a sheet before you order bulk.  Your printer might not like your paper.  Or, if you DIY the invites, you can get a pretty good deal sometimes at a local copy center.  Spray adhesive is the best (not glue), but use it in a well-ventilated area.  And, it can get VERY sticky!  DON’T use scissors.  DO buy a paper-cutter (and extra blades), it will be the best $15 that you spend!

Letterpess is expensive.  It looks great but can use up a lot of your Budget $.  If you just can’t get away from the idea of Letterpress, DIY.  Yes, you can.  You can buy embossers….even at Office Depot (customizable)!

Embossed Elegantly_Embossed


If you aren’t DIY’ing it, only get one color on your invitations.  Extra colors mean extra $, too!  You can use a rubber stamp and any color you like, to use on the envelopes.

You can DIY your Save-the-Dates, your Invites, your RSVP card, Programs, Table Numbers, Seating Cards, Thank-You Cards, plus!  If you own Photoshop, you can do GREAT things with that program!  As mentioned above, you can purchase kits at many craft stores.  They provide you with everything that you need, including the templates.  Plug N Play Invites!  Or go partial DIY another way, buy pockets, pochettes or other cool enclosures from Cards and Pockets.  You will love working with the company and they even have samples!


4febc4eb3aff7f2e9b2414de0d41b599_m cd33ef1b6e5f98f610a1e5383e9609ff_m


Just remember the postal rules.  It’s best to get an invite checked BEFORE you decide on the 7” X 7” Square invites.  Most of the Wedding Websites can offer you some great tid-bits of information as well as FREE templates and ideas.  Some even tell you every step in order to make those invites!




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There sure are some cute, adorable Wedding Stamps out now!  Zazzle has some great stamps!  Engagement, Wedding, R.S.V.P, Thank You’s, etc!  You can browse by color too.  You can even create your own!  You can even insert your picture into the design and they have many different denominations.  At Snapfish you can create photo stamps also.

 ThankYou       tl-rsvp_postage_stamptl-love_wedding_stamp_postage



Perfect Postage is another great site.  You can choose from their templates or make your own.  They have Monogram Stamps, Save The Date Stamps and Magnets, too!  You can get matching sets, too, such as the same design for Save The Date stamps, Wedding Invitation stamps, RSVP stamps and Thank you stamps.




Artistic Postage is another site that has a great selection. They also have coordinating postage, postage by Season and postage by themes (But they come from Zazzle!).

tl-rsvp_tropical_night_invitation_postage_stamp-ArtisticPostage  tl-Two Hearts-ArtisticPostage


Even the USPS has a couple of different designs that you might like (but they come from Zazzle).

841984_300x300USPS 842099_300x300-USPS




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This idea is all over the web.  However, your battle with the box can be quite difficult.  They are definitely beautiful!  They can also be very costly, depending on “how” you do-up the beautiful box.

Here are some beautiful Wedding Invitation Box concepts.



Here is one woman’s battle with the box. Invitation Invasion.  They are beautiful.  I’ll give you that.  They can be VERY expensive.  Some of the sites that I checked out were satin boxes.  =$$$$$.  Just like the Bride above can DIY.  So can you!  Work?  Yes!

c83fb2097d5dbe6829057fe985898fe0_m 7c9464b891904076fdc2012023b614df_m 9bb6e889c2482a38b5a3c42d50b4957c_m


If you decide to go DIY.  Check out some of the links that were provided in the article.  And….if you have any other great links to share, please do!




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More DIY….


1.  Use DIY Bouquets and Boutonnières.

2.  Did you know that anyone can become an Officiant?  They can do so online.  Ask a favorite family member to do the honors.

3.  Have your guests RSVP online at your free Website, or via phone (to save on the postage).

4.  Have a reception luncheon or brunch.  Purchase the food from a local catering place.

5.  Do have a Wedding Cake, but make it a smaller one.  Order a sheet cake to complement the servings.  Also, use a Buttercream icing instead of Fondant.  Or have a “fake cake”.  Yes, you can do that.  What’s the harm?  People will still have their cake.

6. Have your hair and make-up done by a Beauty School student.

7.  Believe it or not, we have a Goodwill store by us and there are plenty of Wedding Dresses and a fraction of the cost!

8.  Use favors as seating or place cards.

9.  Buy the alcohol yourself.  Hire someone to tend the beverages. Or have just beer and wine instead of liquor.

10.  Have a dessert buffet with Cookies, Cupcakes, etc.

11.  Beg, Borrow, Steal (okay…..just kidding).

12.  Use a one-stop Venue.  This is a very thrifty choice!

13.  Make your own invitations.  You wouldn’t believe how simple it can be!  Also, many stores now carry “Make Your Own” Invitation lines, such as Martha Stewart.  Also, do an RSVP postcard, it will save on the postage.

14.  Hire a “new” vendor, such as a Photographer or Videographer who is just starting out.  Check with local colleges.


Hope some of these tips can help you as you plan the day of your life!


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Historically, Stationary requirements were based on the formality of your Wedding.  Today, that really doesn’t hold true.  Your stationary requirements can include many different elements, but, many of them are NOT necessities and can be used when the Bride and Groom WANT to include them.
The following is a list of different elements of a Stationary Ensemble and their uses.  Again, many of these need only be included if you want to include them.

· Invitation- Okay, this is one element that IS a necessity.  This is to let your guest know that there is an upcoming Wedding!

· Reception Card- This element can be put on the Invitation.  If your reception will occur at the same location as the Wedding Ceremony, wording is usually included on the Invitation, but it does not have to be on the Invitation and can have a separate card.

· Response Card- This is an element that, for the most part, must be included in your Stationary Ensemble. Invitations for non-traditional Weddings occasionally include this information on the Invitation.  That is not my preferred method.

· Map/Direction Insert – If you have guests coming from out of town, this is a courtesy for your guests.  Often, the back of this insert will include information about a local hotel that might be holding a block of rooms for your guests.

· Pew Cards/Within the Ribbon – These cards inform guests about a special seating arrangement that is occurring at the Wedding Ceremony.  If there are special circumstances that exist or, if there is a possibility that you might have space constraints, you will want to make sure that special guests have a place to sit.  Then, a ribbon is placed
on both ends of these pews.  Tip: Make sure that your Ushers are aware of this!

· At-Home Cards – If you will be moving to a new location shortly before/after your wedding, this is used to notify people of your new address.  Tip:  If you decide to use this element, you could also make them using postcards.

· Place Cards – These are used to notify your guests where they will be seated at the Reception.  These are NOT included in your Invitation envelope, they are placed outside of the reception area where guests can obtain them before they go in.  There are two schools of though on the use of Place Cards.  One opinion is that Place Cards are not necessary.   Your guests can find their own seat next to someone that they might know, Place Cards might be to restrictive.  Another opinion is that you want special family members to sit at a specified location.  Also, you might have someone coming that doesn’t know anyone else at your Reception.  In that case, you will want to ensure that they are included with another group of guests and that they are not sitting at a table alone.

· Engagement Notices – These are used to let people know that you and your Fiancé are taking the leap!  Often, these are used to notify guests that are out of town that there will be a Wedding coming up, so that they can plan accordingly for travel arrangements.

· Thank You Notes – These notes are a necessity.  They are used to thank your guests for their gift(s) and for attending on your Special Day.  More recently, this part of the Stationary Ensemble is dropping by the wayside – this is unacceptable!  Proper Etiquette requires that you send these to your guests.

Tip: Cut down on costs by obtaining plan Thank You Cards at a local craft store.

· Save The Dates – This is also a way to let your guests know what is coming, to allow them to make tentative plans to attend.  Tip: If you send an Engagement Notice, consider NOT using a Save The Date Card.  Your guests will tire of receiving notices about your upcoming nuptials.  Also, the postage can be costly!

· Rehearsal Dinner – This is used to let people know that they are invited to the Rehearsal Dinner.

· Announcement – Often, these are used to notify people after the Ceremony and Reception has taken place.  These are used for individuals that you could not/ did not invite, due to various reasons, such as, having a small ceremony or having a Destination Wedding.

· Other Wedding Stationary – Included in this group are items that might be printed by your stationer, and might be offered at a discount if you use them for your other Stationary needs.

– Wedding Programs – This can be used as a "favor".  This is to let your guests know what will be happening during your ceremony and who will be involved/included.
– Printed Napkins/Matches – These can be used as a "favor".
– Bridal Shower Invitations
– Bridesmaid Brunch Invitation
– Gift Tags – To attach to your "favor" for your guests.
– Menu Card – This can also be used as a "favor".  This is used to let your guests know what
will be served, especially if there is a choice that will be offered to them.  These are placed
at their seat at the Reception.
– Welcome Itinerary – If you have guest coming from out of town and your have special
weekend plans for them, are having a "Weekend Wedding", or want to make your guests
aware of local attractions, a Welcome Itinerary is a courtesy to your guests.

I hope that this helps you to make some decisions about your Stationary Ensemble and your
needs.  Please contact me with any questions at




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This is easy, right?  Roses are red.  But what about if you want to add other colors?????  Well, here’s some ideas as well as some visuals to give you some inspiration….







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By wedding web-sites, I mean web sites that you can post your info on and that have tools to use….I’m sure that I’ll forget some.  Please let me know if you have a site to add!



 Wedding Wire’s Free Site!














Project Wedding’s Free Site!









 Wedding Channel’s Free Site!









The Knot’s Free Wedding Site….











eWedding’s Free Web Site!









Here’s OneWed’s site!











mywedding’s Free Web Site!







Let me know if you have more to add….I’m sure that I missed some….


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