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There are lots of ways to trim your budget.  Let’s talk about Invitations.  Let’s face it, Invitations can be a big drain on your budget.  There are ways to get around this.  This first and most obvious is DIY, baby!  But let’s talk about ways you can trim USING DIY!

Save-the-Dates.  This is quite a simple way to DIY.  Most craft stores (and some department stores) have Save-the-Date’s in a kit.  As with other elements of DIY invitations, use a Postcard as your Save-the-Date.  A tip: USPS has postal rules for Postcards, too. Vista Print can make you Save-the-Date postcards any way you want them!

Postcard blue_pink_5_Postcard


Inserts?  Who needs those?  You don’t!  Most of the information can be provided using your Wedding Website, including directions, local hotels, etc.  This way you can save on postage (weight = $) and save some trees! Forget the Ceremony Programs and Menu Cards.  Again, keep your guests in the know with your Free Wedding Website!  You can let everyone know who your attendants are, and exactly how your Wedding Program will occur.  Or, DIY!

When you decide to go DIY, you will definitely need some tools.  Don’t scrimp on the paper, you don’t want to run out.  But DO test out a sheet before you order bulk.  Your printer might not like your paper.  Or, if you DIY the invites, you can get a pretty good deal sometimes at a local copy center.  Spray adhesive is the best (not glue), but use it in a well-ventilated area.  And, it can get VERY sticky!  DON’T use scissors.  DO buy a paper-cutter (and extra blades), it will be the best $15 that you spend!

Letterpess is expensive.  It looks great but can use up a lot of your Budget $.  If you just can’t get away from the idea of Letterpress, DIY.  Yes, you can.  You can buy embossers….even at Office Depot (customizable)!

Embossed Elegantly_Embossed


If you aren’t DIY’ing it, only get one color on your invitations.  Extra colors mean extra $, too!  You can use a rubber stamp and any color you like, to use on the envelopes.

You can DIY your Save-the-Dates, your Invites, your RSVP card, Programs, Table Numbers, Seating Cards, Thank-You Cards, plus!  If you own Photoshop, you can do GREAT things with that program!  As mentioned above, you can purchase kits at many craft stores.  They provide you with everything that you need, including the templates.  Plug N Play Invites!  Or go partial DIY another way, buy pockets, pochettes or other cool enclosures from Cards and Pockets.  You will love working with the company and they even have samples!


4febc4eb3aff7f2e9b2414de0d41b599_m cd33ef1b6e5f98f610a1e5383e9609ff_m


Just remember the postal rules.  It’s best to get an invite checked BEFORE you decide on the 7” X 7” Square invites.  Most of the Wedding Websites can offer you some great tid-bits of information as well as FREE templates and ideas.  Some even tell you every step in order to make those invites!




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