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Okay, so don’t just go the norm.  Have something a little different!  Do something a little different!


1.  In your Wedding Invitation, insert a slip of paper that requests everyone bring a photo of themselves to include in your “guestbook”.  When guests arrive, they can adhere the picture to the guestbook, along with their names, a short comment, anything!  As an additional item.  Make it into a Scrapbooking Guest Book!  Go to Michael’s, or any craft store, and purchase scrapbooking paper, even a Wedding Theme!  You can even include little “dumafliggies” (you know, all those little stickers and add-ons that you buy for scrapbooking).  Cut the paper into squares and leave lots of colored pencils and/or markers.


2.  Instead of a Guest Book, how about a photo booth?  Very cool!  Your guests will have so much fun!  They can then insert them into a scrapbook using easy adhesive.  Or!  Find a Polaroid Camera and some film!  Set up an area where your guests can snap a photo using goofy props.  Then, again, they can use adhesive (easy to use adhesive) that they can attach the photos with.  In the space provided at the bottom of the snapshot, they can write a little message.


3.  Wishing Trees are becoming quite popular.  Use an artificial palm tree (or a REAL one!) and decorate it.  Provide a table with cut up pieces of heavy cardstock and pens so that your guests can write you a wish.  The paper should not be folded, so take care not to make the pieces too big.  Punch holes in the top of the cardstock piece so that it can be hung, using an ornament hook, onto the tree.  Make sure to leave some directions so that your guests aren’t scared away by not knowing what to do.



4.  Question and Answer Session.  Print out thought provoking questions on heavy cardstock paper (again, smaller pieces).  Place them in a neat stack on a table.  Ask guests to choose a question and answer it on the back of the card.  When they are finished answering the question, they put the cards into a large glass bowl.  These can then be left in the bowl for your new home, or mount the questions and answers into an album/scrapbook.  Ask questions like “What is the secret to a great marriage?” or “What is your best memory of the bride/groom?”  The more interesting the question, the better the answer!




5.  Have a picture frame with a mat.  Ask guests to sign it for a memento to hang up in your (new) home.



Have Fun!


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