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This idea is all over the web.  However, your battle with the box can be quite difficult.  They are definitely beautiful!  They can also be very costly, depending on “how” you do-up the beautiful box.

Here are some beautiful Wedding Invitation Box concepts.



Here is one woman’s battle with the box. Invitation Invasion.  They are beautiful.  I’ll give you that.  They can be VERY expensive.  Some of the sites that I checked out were satin boxes.  =$$$$$.  Just like the Bride above can DIY.  So can you!  Work?  Yes!

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If you decide to go DIY.  Check out some of the links that were provided in the article.  And….if you have any other great links to share, please do!




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Posted May 23, 2010 by Michelle in DIY, invitations, Pre-Planning, Wedding DiY

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