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Here are some ideas for Wedding Venues that are a little different than the traditional locations.  Some are very unique and some are more budget-friendly than others.  Enjoy!

Have your Wedding at a State or City Park.  Out in the open or under the trees.  The Bride and Groom, as well as the guests, will have a beautiful, natural setting.  Very little decorating is needed. Take a look at The Conservatory or The Lalumondiere Mill.

The Conservatory

The Conservatory

the Lalumondiere Mill & Rivergardens

The Lalumondiere Mill

How about a Barn?  Yes.  A Barn.  Picture it: lights, rustic, romance.  You could even go with having the Ceremony outside, by a spring, pond or meadow.  Then everyone can move into the barn for the Reception.  Or.  have “historical” and “barn”.  Take a look at Historical Hawken House Barn.  They have some good reviews at Project Wedding.

The Hawken House

Have your Ceremony and/or Reception at a local Theatre.  I’m talking where plays, musicals and operas occur.  What beautiful decor! Try The Fox Theatre or The Sheldon Concert Hall.

The Sheldon Concert Hall


Fox Lobby

The Fabulous Fox

How about a Museum?  Or an Art Gallery?  Many Museums have various areas that can be used for events like a Wedding.  Have your Ceremony in one area and your Reception in another.  Or, just have your Ceremony here and head to a Riverboat or Barge for your Reception. Take a look at The Randall Gallery.  Again, great reviews at Project Wedding.


What more could you ask for in a beautiful setting.  Have your Ceremony and/or Reception at a Vineyard.  In the Washington, Missouri area, you have Vineyards that advertise romantic settings, such as these, specifically for your Wedding. Here’s a link: Riverbend Chapel.

Riverbend Chapel at Caroline’s Vinyard

How about having your special day at a Botanical Garden?  Talk about decor’!  And you couldn’t get much more natural than this!  Here is a link to Missouri Botanical Garden. Missouri Botanical Garden.

monsanto_sq blanke_sq

Missouri Botanical Gardens



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