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Here are some great ideas for Wedding Favors for your guests!  Some are a little less expensive than others….some can be DIY and some have to be bought.  If you like one of them, use your imagination to make it work for you!



Serve your own Brew!  Or serve your own wine!  You can buy these or you can make them.  You can do this with decorative labels!  These can also serve double-duty as a Seating Card. Try




If you’re having a dessert bar, how about serving up some extra take-home love with these Smores Gifts?   Mmmmm….chocolate.




Scrabble Magnets.  There is a complete “how-to-do” posted at Project Wedding:




Fortune Cookies.  This can work even if you don’t have a Asian Theme for your Wedding.  Try personalized Fortune Cookies too! or




Bamboo Wedding Favors.  This can be a DIY project.  You can buy the Bamboo and compile them, or, buy them 100% complete.  Check out or or


Personalized "Love Blossoms" Wedding Favor Card w/Two Seeded Paper Blossoms - Set of 12"Flowers in Bloom" Seed Packets with Flower Pot Card


Plantable Wedding Favors.  Go green with plantable seeds!  Try or .


Galvanized Bucket Favors


Give a plant!  Maybe a signature flower that is part of your Wedding Theme or Ceremony.  This can be a DIY project, also.  Or, try





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