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Some people can find the Wedding Dress of their dreams by just walking into a store, others have to scour dozens of stores and trying on 100’s of dress.  With a little bit of help you can know just the right dress for your body shape, as well as knowing just which style you want!

In order for you to find the perfect Wedding Dress, you need to know the lingo.  There are 4 different areas of focus.  The neckline, the sleeves, the bodice and the shape.  Let’s look at each separately.

The neckline. An Asymmetrical neckline is meant to showcase your shoulders, the Off-the-Shoulder neckline is meant to showcase your shoulders and your collarbone (the neckline sits a little lower and flatters almost all figures.). 


A Portrait neckline will cover your shoulders but show off your neck and collarbone.  It has a wide, soft scoop from the tip of one shoulder to the tip of the other. 


A Bateau/Sabrina and a Jewel neckline both enhance a smaller bosom, but the Bateau/Sabrina has a straight neckline and a Jewel sits high and round at the base of the throat.


A Scoop neckline is U-Shaped and flatters almost all body types. For a sexier look, it can be cut low. A V-Neck dips, creating a V-shape.  It de-accentuates the bosom and is great for women with a smaller bosom. 



With a Sweetheart neckline, the bust line is shaped like a heart and accentuates the brides cleavage.  This neckline is usually strapless and is perfect for women with a fuller bosom. 


A Halter neckline has straps that wrap or tie behind the neck and a Strapless is usually straight across (or with a slight curve).




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