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This topic is quickly making it’s way around Wedding DIY sites.  However, this isn’t a new discussion.  Typically, the best thing about a finger food reception is the cost.  Your food budget can almost be cut in half!  You can include quite a few different choices and even create an ethnic or themed finger food reception.


There are a couple of tidbits of information that we should discuss.  First of all, remember that, typically, Wedding Reception have a full meal.  You will want to make sure that your guests are aware that you will be having hors d’oeuvres, so that they aren’t expecting a meal.  Also, the time of the day that you have the reception will be an indication to your guests.


So, on with the pictures! Let’s take a look at the board below.  These Brides and Grooms chose to go with Fruits, Cheeses, Crackers, Breads and Veggies.  Choose any, or all.  The decorations and presentation for the food tables can add greatly to the decor of the Reception. I love the presentation of the Cheese Tray that also includes tags telling the name of the cheese.


Finger Food


Let’s take a look at the following pictures.  Here you have traditional and not-so-traditional foods.  Bruschetta, Pinwheels, Cordon Bleu, Dumplings, Shrimp Cocktail, Salmon and Skewers.  Use your imagination for what to include INSIDE them.

Finger Food2


Sandwiches or Tea Sandwiches.  The term “sandwich” can be used lightly.  Use crackers, and all kinds of toppings can be used.  Look up Tea Sandwich Recipes on the internet and you’ll find gobs!

Finger Food3


A couple of tidbits to remember when you are doing a food bar.  Remember ALL of your guests.  Different tastes and different preferences.  Just be sure to have a good selection.  As to have it catered or not?  That just depends on your budget.  You can have it fully catered, partially catered (+plus you and your family) or not catered at all and do the creating yourself.


Have fun!




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