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Okay.  Here we go.  We are going to plan a $10,000 Wedding in West St. Louis County.  Ready?  Put on your big girl panties and let’s go!

Very first.  Let’s take a look at what’s important.  Since I’m getting married (I get married a lot….I get married in Invitation Samples all the time!), I get to pick what’s important to me.  Two things that are most important to me are the Reception and the Wedding Photography.  I want a BIG party and I want to remember my special day for FOREVER!  So now, I make up my budget and place a little more emphasis (percentage points) in those two areas.


Wedding Dress.

For my Wedding Dress, I went to E-Bay.  Ordering a dress online?  Are you crazy, you say?  No, because even if the size isn’t quite right.  I saved so much money that I an have it altered by a seamstress (they do still exist!).  Below are some of the choices that I looked at.  Both are Maggie Sottero.  Total Cost:  $200. (Tip:  Some of these come with the slip also….)

Slip & Veil: $50 (My Aunt made the Veil)

Shoes: $30 (Slippers)

Maggie_Sottero_Dress                     Maggie_Sottero_Dress3


Grooms Formal Wear


Well.  I’m DiY’ing it for the Stationary needs.  I found this great site, Cards & Pockets, and created all of my own, and, very stylish, in my opinion.



My “Package” includes the Invitation, all Insert and all Envelopes, as well as Seating Cards (yeah, I though that it was worth the extra $$). I am not sending “Announcements” or “Save-the-Dates”, just word of mouth for out-of-towners.  I did, however, want Programs.  So, I went to Wal-Mart and bought some nice paper out of their Wedding Section.  Printed them and added some Ribbon.

Total Cost: $231. Postage: $63 Wedding Programs: $15


Photography and Videography.

If you remember, at the beginning, this is where I wanted to splurge, a little.  Photography coverage for your ENTIRE Ceremony and Reception is great, but, that’s a lot of $$$.  I can get a beautiful CD/DVD of all my pictures, have them posted on-line so that others can order, and get an album, 1 photographer, 5 Hours, at                                St. Louis Color, Inc.

For my Videographer, Kevin Harder has a great package that fits my budget!  For that matter, he has lots of packages!


Photography: $700; Videography: $650



Let’s talk flowers.  There are so many different ways to cut costs with flowers. Make sure to pick flowers that are in season, if possible, it will be much cheaper.  Without actually ORDERING the flowers, it’s hard to get a solid price.  I went to the Web Site of a local florist.  Without an actual meeting, I could only get ranges.  So, I went with my gut on most of the flowers.  For example:  The range is $9-$12 for Boutonnieres.  For the Groom, about $12, the Groomsmen, about $10, and ditto for the FOG and FOB, etc……

Total Cost: $400



Well, this is my other “area” that I wanted to splurge on.  Locally, the Holiday Inn at Six Flags St. Louis has great package deals.  A Buffet Dinner, Open Bar (5 Hours), DJ (4 Hours), Cake, Serving Set and Centerpieces are included in the package deal.  For 150 Guests. Discounts on reserved rooms for Wedding Guests, free nights stay for the B & G, also free nights stay on our 1 year Anniversary!


Total Cost: $6000


Cake.  Included

Reception Music.  Included; 5 Hours

Centerpieces.  Included.  I am, however, using the Bridesmaids Bouquets to decorate the gift/card table.  I also went to Michael’s and bought some fake flowers to arrange on the table used for the Seating Cards.  Total Cost: $30

Attendant Gifts:

All of your attendants’ gifts will probably be individually picked for them.  When I married, originally, I did not do this, entirely.  Two of my attendants were my sisters.  I gave them Jewelry to wear for the Wedding.  My MOH, I was a little more personal with.  So, again, I went to Exclusively Weddings and picked out some good stuff.

Total Cost for Bridal Party: $220


Hmm.  Didn’t think that I could spell that right!  Ha!  Okay, lots of little tid-bits listed here.

Runner; Unity Candles; Unity Candle Holders; Bird Cage; Ring Pillow; Flower Basket; Guest Book; Personalized Champagne Glasses, Guestbook Pen, Cake Topper, fake Petals:  Total Cost: $212

Guest Favors:  Small Favor Boxes with Mints and Chocolate.  Also, some to scatter on the tables.  Total Cost: $170

All of the above items are from Oriental Trading Company, Exclusively Weddings and Wal-Mart.  They have a really great Wedding Collection!  However, beware.  Make sure to read the descriptions carefully or you might not get what you expected.  Also, the reviews are very helpful!

AisleRunner BirdCage Flower_Basket

Guest_Book Ring_Pillow Rose_Petals

UnityCandles UnityCandleHolders Favor_Boxes

ChocolateMints 5_1391 Favor_Mints2 Favor_Mints3 CakeTopper ToastingFlutes


Anything that you don’t see here, I’m doing without.  I do not believe that the Engagement or Wedding Ring should be included in your “Wedding” Budget.  Also, I do not feel that the Honeymoon should be included in your “Wedding” Budget.  These things, to me, fall into a different category of “Wedding”.  But, that’s just my opinion.

Well, what’s my total?  $8971 !!!!  Yeah!

Now, this is a perfectly acceptable Wedding for me!  Would I like more?  Yes!  But, this will be excellent for my Groom and me, and it won’t break our bank!  More to think about, is that you do NOT have to pay for all of this at one time.  Most Vendors require a deposit, therefore, your costs are spread out.

Congrats!  Yeah!


We’ll talk soon!



Posted August 6, 2009 by Michelle

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